Fire-Tek™ Lighter MK1


The little lighter that just keeps lighting!

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Fire-Tek Lighter MK1:​

The Fire-Pod works nearly the same as a Zippo lighter, but are much smaller and have an o-ring for preventing fuel evaporation. By pulling more of the wick out, you can adjust the flame to be larger (but burning the fuel faster) or by shortening the wick the flame can be adjusted smaller (which burns fuel slower). The Fire-Pod uses regular Zippo Lighter Fluid – Naptha and Flint.

To refill:
#1 Unscrew and set aside the Fire-Pod lid.
#2 Pinch the Flint Striker with your thumb and index finger of your support hand while at the same time pulling the Fire-Pod bottom with your primary hand.
#3 Once the lighter unit has pulled free of the Fire-Pod bottom turn over and fill with fluid.
#4 To replace flint simply unscrew the flint chamber and replace and re-thread.
#5 To re-assemble reverse steps #1-4.

Overall Length: x.xx”
Width: x.xx”
Thickness: x.xx”
Weight: 0.960 oz

Also includes:
x5 Spare Flints
x1 Attached 550 Lanyard
x1 Fire-Pod